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Tesla accused of misreporting number of staff injuries

An underreported workforce injury was revealed in the Tesla Fermont’s hospital. Allegedly, the medical staff from the clinic, located in California, neglected the real number of workers that received injuries during the car assembling process. The allegations are backed by official claims of Tesla employees that were part of the Model 3 production department. This company’s production department is said to run in severe conditions, causing a big number of


Reversal demanded after cases moved from Telford courts to Kidderminster

David Gauke, who is likewise Secretary of State for Justice, is being approached by Telford and Wrekin Council to arrange a U-turn on the disputable courses of action. Legal advisors have marked new courses of action as ridiculous and police sources say hours have been squandered taking care of detainees or going between courts. Since the progressions were presented not long ago all remand cases for the district have been

Why do newborn babies sometimes have a defect?

Approaching the birth of your newborn, whether it is the first or you have had several before, is always an exciting process. All of the hopes and dreams for your future will begin to factor in this newborn child and the role they play in your life, so when your child is born with a health defect, it obviously makes these considerations a little more complex, whatever the health condition

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Spurs Goalkeeper Hugo Lloris Convicted Of Drink Driving

The goalkeeper pleaded guilty at Westminster Magistrates Court to the offence of drink driving. Lloris who is the goalkeeper of Tottenham Hotspurs received a fine of £50,000 and was banned from driving for 20 months. Mr Lloris was stopped by central London police at 2 am. During the morning, the goalkeeper was found to be twice over the drink-drive limit. He also had swerved toward parked cars and run a