drink driving

The goalkeeper pleaded guilty at Westminster Magistrates Court to the offence of drink driving. Lloris who is the goalkeeper of Tottenham Hotspurs received a fine of £50,000 and was banned from driving for 20 months. Mr Lloris was stopped by central London police at 2 am. During the morning, the goalkeeper was found to be twice over the drink-drive limit. He also had swerved toward parked cars and run a red light with a passenger and vomit in his car.

These events followed a drinking at a restaurant at which Lloris has quite a lot to drink. He actually made a mistake of deciding to drive when a taxi cancelled.

While there might be reasons as to why Lloris pleaded guilty and received his penalty, there is definitely something he could have done to bring down the number of months that he was banned from driving. 20 months seems too long to get back to driving. Luckily, he does not rely entirely on driving. It would have impeded his work affecting his income. Nevertheless, Mr Lloris should have engaged a drink driving solicitor. One qualified, experienced and capable solicitor would have argued for a fairer penalty.

Unlike Hugo Lloris who is a goalkeeper of an internationally recognised football club, there are drivers who actually earn a living through driving. These professionals certainly need the representation of a drink driving solicitor if they get caught drink driving.

Mauricio Pochettino the Spurs manager talked about what a massive lesson it was for Hugo Lloris. He also expressed his relief that no one was injured and no serious consequences followed. There are other people who feel the goalkeeper received a punishment that doesn’t fit his crime. People feel he should have received something lower than 20 months of banning on driving and a £50,000 fine. Some think his status elevated the penalty.

A reliable drink driving solicitor can successfully fight whatever made Mr Lloris penalty this big. Despite him being a goalkeeper and Captain of Tottenham Hotspurs, there is still no strong reason why his punishment was that severe. Even when the decision has already been made, anyone in a situation such as Lloris would still find it difficult. However, with capable solicitors, you can cut down the number of years you have to stay without driving.

It is also strange that the law states heavy penalties are for serious crimes yet no serious consequences were caused by Mr Lloris drunkenness. If you look at the offences and their penalties for drink driving in the country, you will not fail to notice that what the goalkeeper received was high for his crime. Lloris was a first-time offender and didn’t cause any death.