personal injury

An underreported workforce injury was revealed in the Tesla Fermont’s hospital. Allegedly, the medical staff from the clinic, located in California, neglected the real number of workers that received injuries during the car assembling process. The allegations are backed by official claims of Tesla employees that were part of the Model 3 production department. This company’s production department is said to run in severe conditions, causing a big number of physical injuries to workers.

According to a report by Reveal, the board of the Tesla’s clinic put all efforts into hiding from the general public, the real figures indicating how much workers, in fact, have suffered, and asked for medical assistance. These claims are proved by a personal injury solicitor‌ and five former employees of the company.

Following the same report, Tesla’s workers were denied the right to call 911, except for when they call for a permission from the doctors. Lyft is preferred for ambulance, due to the fact that the emergency calls can be easily made public. The medical staff does not issue treatment prescriptions, so that the injury cases could not recorded in the books.

The current clinic director says that the previous one led a poor record of the injuries, exaggerating with the numbers and committing an abusing and illegitimate behaviour. Basil Besh, a surgeon from Access Omnicare that currently runs the Tesla’s clinic, points to an irrelevant attitude of workers with minor injuries to call the ambulance, when it could save a life of someone with a more serious health problem.

According to Besh, prescribing preventive exercise treatment does not need to be taken as an affliction, how it was established by California’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health. It is a thoughtless step that contributes to the inflation of injury counts. Besh says that spotting and treating an affliction early on is a beneficial operation that excludes the need of writing prescriptions, and eventually introduce the injury case in the record book. This is a way of serious disease prevention, rather than an attempt to dodge the official injury counting.

Tesla lauds its California clinic as a cutting-edge provider of workplace health care. The company keeps mentioning about a trend in decreased injury rate, pointing at a reduction by 25% in 2017. Besh denies all the allegations, speaking of the Reveal investigation as unprofessional and lacking consistent arguments. He repeatedly accuses Reveal of collaborating with Anna Watson, a former physician assistant at Tesla, who made public a report with accounts of injured employees, being denied proper treatment.

Access Omnicare believes that their early intervention program will help the workers avoid the disrespectful treatment towards them of the California Worker’s Compensation System. The numerous reports of injury recording malpractice at Tesla clinic made the California division of workplace safety initiate an investigation. It resulted in a single case of not recorded injury that was fined with around £300.